Who we are


We at Aero Wellness Centre believe in educating our clients before the therapy. Being from the health care industry, we understand the importance of client knowledge.

Aero Wellness Center is bringing up a world class facility for your well being for the first time in the Eastern Region.

We are introducing the latest technology and offering you a solution for your digestive problems. In the heart of the city, near Minto Park, we are providing you services that can boost your digestive system with new energy. You don’t need to get upset for your upset Colon, as only three visits in our center can help you to get rid of problem related with your colon. Expert therapy and professional care from our stuff will ensure you stay comfortable throughout the therapy. Being from the healthcare industry we never compromise on your dignity or privacy. Our expert team of therapists will ensure you are made comfortable and will also help you prevent any problems in the future related to your colon and diet.